What Users Have Said

What users have said about Design Review…

By the South West Design Review Panel (SWDRP) and the Housing Excellence Design Panel (HEDP)

“Thank you for this, I’ve just read through it and the letter is extremely helpful in the way it outlines the issues with the scheme that the architect has been grappling with.  There is lots of useful information here for both the architect to work into his redesign and to guide the LPA in further negotiations on this site. Many thanks to Tim, Julie and of course the Panel.” – Peter Garitsis, Swindon Borough Council (2017)

The project had some quite challenging architectural issues to resolve and the Panel gave us some helpful guidance on how we might address these. This gave comfort on the direction to go and must be held as a contributing factor to the unanimous decision to grant.” – Grosvenor

“The Panel’s comments gave the LPA the confidence that this was indeed a good quality, well designed scheme.” – Mendip District Council

The support and useful suggestions from the SWDRP helped us win a unanimous planning consent. The local authority were reassured by the Panel’s statement: ‘the scheme will be attractive and harmonise with the finely-detailed character of the village’.” – ADAM Architecture

The response will be immensely helpful to us in our negotiations – our thanks to the Panel for their input.” – Cotswold District Council

The Panel was well informed and constructive and their input very useful in helping to resolve design issues and also affirm other aspects of our approach. It was useful as part of our continuing discussions with Officers and without doubt helped in the decision made by the Members.” – Scott Brownrigg

I know [the developer’s] scepticism was converted to a great supporter on the road to Damascus.” – Forward Swindon

Constructive feedback enabled us to modify the proposals and also convince us that our analysis and assessment of the site was thorough. I’m certain that the guidance and comments helped our case at appeal.  More importantly it helped us to gain the trust of our client by reassuring them that others believed that the scheme was on the right track!” – Morgan Carey Architects

We have found the whole exercise incredibly useful and helpful. Please thank everyone for their positivity, and their very generous advice and critiques.
– Mr & Mrs Fiennes (clients for a Para 55 house in the countryside)

The letter has clearly had a significant (and beneficial) effect.” – Historic England

This is most useful and real food for thought. I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the time you spent considering our proposals. Such health checks are very valuable on schemes like ours where we are very close to it all, all the time!” – Project Taunton

Thank you for your thoughtful and enthusiastic response to our proposals. We welcome your observations as to where the project could be improved and we have already begun working on these. The design review process strengthened the integrity of the proposals. In particular we were struck by the panel’s understanding of the specific local conditions that are critical to the success of this project.” – Glenn Howells Architects

We were very impressed with the insightful comments of the panel and the constructive feedback that you have provided.” – Swindon Borough Council

It has been very helpful; encouraging and inspiring.” – Penzance Business Network

I attach a summary of the changes which we will be implementing as a direct result of the Panel’s comments … we will be submitting a scheme markedly improved by this process.” – AWW (architects)

We all found the panel experience rewarding. We have taken on board the panel’s thoughts.” – Strategic Land Partnerships

My thanks back to the panel for the concise and pleasing style of the comments.” – Bournemouth Borough Council

I agree with SWDRP that the layout structure appears over-complicated.” – An Inspector (on appeal)

As a direct result of the Review, we made real improvements to our scheme, whilst addressing the concerns of local residents as well as the needs of future tenants and giving a real boost to the local economy. It was a creative and challenging process that I really learnt from.
– Bristol Community Housing Foundation

Working with Creating Excellence has introduced us to an approach to Design Review that although challenging, is open and bespoke to our housing delivery needs. Design Review has supported better engagement with local planning authorities as well as helping us achieve Building for Life 12 on future schemes.” – Barratt David Wilson Homes


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